University of California, Berkeley 1963 – 1967

My advisor never looked up as he handed me my class assignments as an entering freshman at the college of Engineering. Blinking when the flash went off, my official picture shows me with my eyes closed. I was one of thousands of young bodies with tractable minds, and I loved the anonymity.

The General Curriculum in Electrical Engineering required courses in mechanical engineering (statics and dynamics), properties of materials, calculus, graphics and visualization, chemistry, physics, and even an introductory course (in year 2) in electricity. I worked hard at my studies but failed to clear the 3.00 GPA requirement for scholarship eligibility.

I had taken a part-time job as a lab helper to Prof. Westheimer in Optometry, building electronics for optical tests.  I tried to work full-time, but could not sustain the pace. At the end of my freshman year I signed up with the Co-operative Work-Study Program in Engineering for a five-year program with vacation time replaced by summer classes, correspondence courses and three six-month work periods, for which the program maintained an employment office on campus.

1964 – Engineering Aide, Telemetry Techniques Section, Data Systems Division, Flight Research Center, NASA, Edwards AFB, CA. Performed component environmental testing, designed and constructed electronic test fixtures. Resigned to return to college (security clearance recommended denied) and got my old job back with Dr. Westheimer.

1965 – Electronic technician at College of Optometry, UC Berkeley.

1966 РElectronic technician, Timmins Research, Orinda CA. Worked on geological tilt-meter electronics. Laid off due to lack of money. Electronic technician, Berkeley Instruments, Emeryville CA. Worked testing electronic modules, built automatic test assistance circuits.