Employment Resume – long form – 1963 – 1974



Demonstrator, Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia 1963. Ran “Progress of Computation” exhibit featuring UNIVAC-1 computer operating behind glass.


Co-operative Work-Study Program, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley,


1964 – Engineering Aide, NASA Flight Research Center, Edwards CA. Performed component vibration tests. Designed simple analog transistor circuits to aid in testing.

1965 – Lab Helper, School of Optometry, UC Berkeley. Designed, built and debugged circuitry used in physiological optics research. Designed vacuum-tube operational amplifiers and pulse-shaping circuitry. Co-inventor of US Pat. 3,453,437 “Automatic Photoelectric Keratometer”.

1966 – Technician, Berkeley Instruments, Berkeley, CA. Performed temperature tests on electronic subassemblies. Designed and built transistor pulse-timing circuits to alert operator to out-of-spec operation.


Volt Technical Services – summer 1967. Contract employment

Draftsman, Raytheon Edex, Mountain View CA

Circuit analyst – Consultronics, Mountain View, CA. Analyzed radar circuitry for failure modes.


Junior Engineer, Ampex Inc., Redwood City, CA 1968 – 1971

Designed analog transistor circuitry for high-speed tape duplicators. Designed high-power, high-purity bias oscillator, oversaw transfer to production, performed field service and analysis of operation.

Maintained design of computer interface section of large-scale, minicomputer-controlled audio/visual random-access information retrieval system. Designed operational amplifier filter circuits, TTL logic, debugged and documented designs. Wrote assembly-language test programs for DG Nova minicomputer.


Engineer, Resource One, Inc. San Francisco CA 1972 – 1973. Assisted in installation and maintenance of SDS-940 mainframe computer. Designed and constructed modem line interface unit, designed and constructed self-adjusting modem circuitry, repaired Teletypes, performed mechanical design for disc channel interface, constructed Teletype sound enclosure. Worked with discrete transistor electronics, IC active filter and phase-locked loop circuits.

Volt Technical Services, 1974. Worked at Iomec, Inc., Santa Clara CA. Designed stand-alone tape cartridge data storage device and constructed a prototype.