Employment Resume – long form – 1974 – 1992

Self-employed dba LGC Engineering 1974 – 1979. Performed contract engineering including:

  • Design and prototype of a pegboard-to-serial data converter for display of graphs on terminal. TTL, UART and RS-232 circuitry.
  • Debug circuitry for a daisy-wheel printer interface. TTL, UART and NMOS (4004) CPU technologies.
  • Develop and self-publish a specification for modular personal computer (“Tom Swift Terminal”).
  • Design of the first alphanumeric video display for personal computers (VDM-1, for Processor Technology Corp., 1975). LS-TTL, NMOS static memory, RS-170 video output analog circuitry.
  • Design of the first computer incorporating integrated video, communication, tape storage and S-100 bus expansion (Sol-20, for Processor Technology Corp., 1976).
  • Interim engineering manager for Processor Technology Corp. 1976- 1977. Supervised development and documentation activities.
  • Design and construct a large-scale digital video-processing system (for Etra Technology Research Associates, 1978 – 1979). ECL, STTL, high-speed data file RAM, delay-line clock compensation.


President, Golemics, Inc. 1979 – 1981. Managed and performed design for a contract electronic product development company.

Designed the first portable computer for mass production (Osborne-1, for Osborne Computer Corp., 1980 – 81). LS-TTL, NMOS peripheral chips, NMOS dynamic RAM, product integration.

Founding board member of Osborne Computer Corp.

Provided engineering services to Osborne Computer.


VP Engineering, Osborne Computer Corporation, 1981 – 1983.

Helped put Osborne-1 portable computer into production. Helped solve production and quality-control problems. Investigated technologies for future products. Performed architectural design of follow-on product (Osborne Executive). Negotiated with five Japanese companies to develop approaches to laptop computer.

Promoted to R&D Fellow 1982.

Osborne Computer Corp. entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Sept. 1983.


President, Golemics, Inc. 1983 – 1992. Managed and performed electronic design for an electronic product development company. Between its founding and 1992 Golemics performed on 50 projects, including:


Complete PC-compatible portable computer, including multi-format video display, hard disk controller, and ROM-BIOS firmware. Assembled a team of six in-house and ten external engineers to carry out the development.This design was fully deterministic and designed for implementation through VLSI. Technologies included ALS TTL, static and dynamic RAM, hybrid STTL modules, system integration. Ten prototypes were built and delivered to client Oki Electric Co., Ltd., 1983 – 1984.


Designed and built plasma panel controller used to demonstrate full PC-DOS compatibility of OKI plasma panel display to Compaq Computer Company, resulting in design win for OKI in Compaq designs. For Oki Electric CO. Ltd., 1984.


8-channel RS-232 Multibus interfaces and token-ring Multibus interface for Britton-Lee database engine (for Britton-Lee Inc., 1985 – 1986).


“Workstation on an ISA board”, using shared memory to store a 300 dpi image, display it at 150 dpi on a vertical display, and printing the bitmap on a Canon laser printer. For Upstart Corp., (a startup of which I was a founder) 1986 – 1987.


Demonstration module for TI speech synthesizer chip. Included housing design, mechanical design, and PCB design. For Berkeley Speech Technology, 1990.


Designed the first demonstrated wearable computer, using head-mount virtual display and incorporating a CD-ROM. For Reddy Information Systems, NY, 1990 – 1991. Implemented a version of previously patented force-operated cursor controller (US Pat. No. 5,012,231). While demonstrated at the 1991 CD-ROM Show and Exposition, the device was not taken into production. Altera MAX1000 FPGA custom display controller, CD-ROM, switching power regulator, mechanically swept LED virtual image display.