Employment Resume – long form – 1992 – present

Member of the Research Staff, Interval Research Corp., Palo Alto CA, 1992 – 2000.


Tools used: ORCAD Capture, PADS-PCB layout, Tektronix DSO,


First researcher hired at Paul Allen’s R&D laboratory. Participated in planning for building layout, hiring of researchers, formation of Intellectual Property Committee. Managed project to develop prototypes for researchers. Participated in the design of:


  • Portable multi-channel high-precision data logger with networking capability.
  • Game board having 2D pattern of contacts allowing an electrical circuit to be maintained at all times to a sliding counter.
  • Real-time video processing system for edge detection. FPGA, PLD sync generator, CMOS line buffer memories.
  • Breath-sensitive 2D sensor for an art project, subject of patent. Used discrete transistors as low-cost temperature sensors.
  • “Pocket Watch” video display for wearable camcorders. Developed analog polarity-equalizing circuit.
  • 500-watt servo amplifier using high-power operational amplifiers. Burnout problems were solved by designing a variable-transconductance amplifier and tuning it to match the transmission-line characteristic impedance of the motor cables.
  • Crystal-locked motor controller for rotary camera positioner.


Served as engineering liaison to an Interval spinoff company. Traveled to England to transfer technology of magnetic 2D position and identity sensor. Advised and assisted spinoff company Managed a prototype construction run which allowed them to show product at the Toy Fair reliably.


Interval Research was closed by Paul Allen in April 2000.


President, Golemics, Inc. 2000 – 2001

Designed and built an image capture system utilizing electrostatic pickup on a large grid array of electrodes, receiving 100 KHz signal by homodyne detection. Wrote a complex machine-language program for the PIC-based controller. Designed all printed circuits and debugged. For Aura Imaging, Redwood City 2000 – 2001. CMOS logic and switches, PIC16C7X embedded CPUs, phase locked loops, quadrature homodyne signal detection.


Sr. Electrical Engineer, Pemstar Pacific Consultants, San Jose CA 95012. 2001 – 2005


Tools used – ORCAD Capture, ORCAD Layout, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Tektronix DSO, H-P spectrum analyzer, DVM.


Helped bring up Helmet Interface Adapter (HIA) for “Land Warrior” wearable military information device. Designed audio test board.


Handled all electrical engineering tasks for medical product development (for Natus, Inc., 2002 – 2003). Designed and both performed and supervised layout of five PC boards. Worked as part of a four-man team to solve packaging problems as well as signal integrity problems.


Performed investigation for proposed magnetic power-transfer circuit for implanted nonmagnetic devices. Devised tests and built test circuits.


Designed and tested circuitry for magnetic port locator for use at 10 cm depth. Concluded that such depth presented insuperable obstacles to magnetic method.


Designed and tested ultrasonic device for port location at 10 cm depth. Demonstrated operation, but project was killed by the client.


Took over responsibility for electrical work on tablet computer port expander and dock. Solved difficult ESD problem through innovative grounding technique of PC board. Managed the agency testing of the device. For Motion Computer, 2004-2005


Laid off from Pemstar Nov. 2005, due to lack of work.


CTO, Fonly LLC, Palo Alto, CA 2005 – present.


Tools used – Altium Designer schematic entry and layout, PADS-PCB layout, ORCAD Capturte, Microsoft Project, Open Office, AVR Studio assembler code development, Tektronix DSO, H-P Spectrum Analyzer, signal generator, DVM.


Performed development of “Soundpaper” system for creating and reading 2D barcodes containing compressed speech (for LTT LLC, 2005 – 2006). Assembled a team of consultants as needed, managed the project and performed electronic development. Client terminated project due to lack of funds, but the outline of the solution was created and the recording section completed. Technologies included DSP chip, video sensor chips, thermal transfer printers, audio compression and image recognition and processing.


Performed upgrade of design of a pharmaceutical piston extruder device, moving from a hard-wired controller to an embedded processor design. Managed the project, specified and designed the controller embedded computer, wrote software specifications and flowchart, subcontracted mechanical work and software development to outside contractors, designed user interface and purchased parts. Performed system assembly including wiring harnesses, debug and checkout. Wrote operating procedure. For Talima Therapeutics, Santa Clara, CA, 2007.


Performed reverse engineering and mechanical drawings as required to duplicate pneumatic piston tamper used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Performed assembly and wrote operating procedure. For Talima Therapeutics, San Carlos CA 2007.


Served as sole electrical engineer for a startup company (EarLens Corp., Redwood City CA, July 2007 – April 2009) engaged in development of a radically new hearing aid. Performed circuit design, miniature PCB design and assembly, performed debug and component testing, invented new method of audio data transmission (patents issued) and developed electronic devices for testing prototype transducers.


Developed prototype of an audio sequencer intended as a wearable training device for autistic children. Device used an AVR microcontroller to record and play back sound files from I2C EEPROM chips in varying time patterns. For Davis Research Foundation, Burlingame CA, 2009.


Designed and built hand-made protoype of 6.49 MHz RF amplifier for research into parapsychology. Reverse engineered Bulgarian design from publication using currently-available parts. For Institute of Noetic Sciences, Palo Alto CA, 2009.


Designed, constructed and delivered test fixture for TOW missile controller CPU board (1980 vintage) working from schematics and reverse-engineering firmware from test units. Assembled a team of two programmers to write test code (TI 9900) and control code (PC – C language). Performed all hardware design and debugging functions. Wrote detailed test procedure. For Data Science, EL Cajon, CA 2009- 2010.


Served as forensic consultant to law firm reading data from ROMs and programmed chips. Designed and built ROM simulator module to demonstrate correctness of reading process. For Abbott & Abbott, New York NY, 2010.


Designed, laid out, fabricated, assembled and debugged AVR-controlled data-collection boards for a medium-scale solar steam power system. Network was RS-485. Managed assembly of 100-unit production run. For Terrajoule Corp., Redwood City, CA 2011 – 2012.


Designed, laid out, fabricated, assembled and debugged electronics for iOS (iPhone/iPad) attachment taking X-Y analog input (licensed Etch-A-Sketch function) starting from Arduino prototype. For AK Associates, Sunnyvale, CA, 2012.


Redesigned prototype wireless controller/sensor circuit board for web-based HVAC operation. Laid out PCB, created documentation package for pilot assembly run. For 3BW Inc., Fremont CA, 2012